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Environmentally Caused Symptoms

In our fast moving time, doctors often haven't got the time and the possibilities to research for the origins of certain symptoms. Often, also the knowledge thereto is missing, and an acceptance for the subject, anyway. 
"Take this pill thrice a day and come back to me next week!"  That way or similar, you surely also have heard.  
-  Throw in a pill, and then everything gets in order again???

Good alternative healers take more time for the research of origins. But also here, there are knowledge gaps about symptoms, which are caused by environmental influences, such as different types of "electro-smog", environmental poisons, different types of earth radiations as well as by structure, location, orientation and usage of a house/dwelling (Vastu Shastra) or by a combination of them. 

Please note: The symptoms mentioned below don't have to be emerged from the environmental influences, but their percentage is increasing steadily. Self-evidently also the genes of people determine their health, but also way of ife, eating behaviour and the way of thinking. 

By the resonance behaviour of the "biologic window" of each individual not every human is reacting on these environmental influences in the same way. This explains, why in the same environment, the one suffers from symtoms and the other doesn't.

Here now a list of symptoms which can emerge from negative environmental influences, in arbitrary order: 

  • - Headaches
  • - Megrim
  • - Sleep disorders
  • - Sleeplessness
  • - Permanent fatigue
  • - Batteredness, even with enough sleeping duration
  • - Lack of power  "Burn- Out Syndrome"
  • - Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • - Restlessness
  • - Nervousness
  • - Anxiety feelings
  • - Depressionen
  • - Loss of intellectual productivity
  • - Lack of concentration
  • - Nightly sweating in bed
  • - Bedwetting with children
  • - Impairment to cardiovascular system
  • -Heart problems
  • - Circulatory problems
  • - Increased pulse frequency
  • - Heart rhythm disorders
  • - Inflated blood pressure
  • - Blood pressure fluctuations
  • - Opening of the blood-brain barrier
  • - Muscle and joint pains
  • - Higher cancer risk
  • - "Coin roll" forming of the red blood cells
  • - DNA breakings
  • - Brain tumours
  • - Affects of the white blood cells with pupils  (leucaemia)
  • - Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), asthma
  • - Neurodermatitis
  • - Skin problems
  • - Allergies
  • - Hormonal disorder
  • - Unfulfilled desire to have children
  • - Infertility
  • - Different degenerative diseases i.e.. Alzheimer
  • - Testicle cancer
  • - Bad temper
  • - Lack of appetite
  • - Loss of hair
  • - Disturbances of equilibrium
  • - Nervous problems
  • - Influence on the brain waves (EEG)
  • - Social problems among colleagues
  • - Job bullying
  • - Unproductiveness
  • - Loss of creativity
  • - Weakening of the immune system
  • - Back aches
  • - and surely much more...

Those symptoms apply to you?
We as bau-biologists understand our work among others, to realize which stressing factors are present at a certain location, in order then to remove as many as possible of them or to reduce them to a tolerable minimum.
Ask for our services!