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Bau-Biology (Building Biology)

Modern people have a wide influence on the environment - but also the environment and particularly the dwelling ambiance influences health and well-being of the inhabitants.

Meanwhile, there are many people who are no more feeling well in their wonderful homes.
They are suffering from troubles though doctors consider them as physically healthy.

They are suffering eg.. from sleeping problems, frequent headaches, sleepyness, concentration loss, frequent infections, energy loss (burn-out syndrome) and many other symptoms, whose sources can be found in their homes and also at the working places.

Because medicines in such cases mostly are only suppressing the symptoms, it is important to find out the sources of the health problems, and then to reduce them to a minimum. These are nowadays increasingly the "side effects of technization": 

bzs_detektivBZS- Baubiologie- Zentrum Steinfurt

Our engineering office hereto offers services which are composed of the following jobs:

    + Site inspections
    + Visits
    + Measurements
    + Written expert report with the results and evaluation 
    + Consultancy
    + Affordable remediation proposals 
    + Control measurements after the remediation is done

Because we are working holistically, in addition to this site inspections with the dowsing rod and pendulum are done, in order to detect possible earth radiations, "historical burdens" or others.
As well, we point out particularly noticeable Vastu problems (see also menue item "Vastu" .

Don't worry!
You won't need to tear down your house or renovate it costly, when the bau-biologist was with you!
We will "take stock" of many environmental impacts as possible and then work with you to decide when and how to make cost-effective improvements.

At workplace inspections, your employees will not be unsettled or frightened by us.
We take our measurements and inspections and communicate the results later to the client.
The results will be handed over to you, together with an evaluation and with remediation proposals.

Our service packages:

1. Bau-biologic sleeping place analysis
One third of our lives we spend in beds. While sleeping we need to regenerate. 
If this doesn't happen, we become sick. For this reason, all stressing factors at the sleeping place need to be detected and to be reduced to a minimum.
Does your sleeping place make you sick?  We'll check it!

2. Bau-biologic working place analysis
A further third of our lives we spend at the working place. Here, we often are exposed for hours to strong electrosmog, environmental poisons or further unnatural environmental stresses.
Also for the employers it is of high interest if the employees are permanently healthy, content, vital, balanced, capable of work and creative. 
Does your working place make you sick?  We'll check it!


3. Bau-biologic real estate analysis
a) You are thinking about to buy a house? We analyse the building of your interest and inform you if it has bau-biologic defects and if applicable, which low priced remediation measures are necessary.
b) You are thinking about to sell a house? We analyse your house and supply you a certificate about its bau-biology quality, if necessary, after the remediation is done.
This will allow you to provide the buyer with a building biology document similar to the energy certificate.


4. Bau-biologic building site analysis
You think about building a new house? We analyse your building site before or after the purchase, in order to give important information for the purchase decision, or in order to get results, which are important for the later building construction, so that later environmental health problems can be avoided.

5. Bau-biologic consultancy and control during the building construction
In order to avoid faults from the beginning, which could affect the health of the inhabitants, we recommend our bau-biologic consultancy before the begin of construction, building site analysis, construction-accompanying control and the final check before the inhabitants are moving in. Also here we make up a certificate about the bau-biologic quality of the building.

6. Bau-biologic certificates
You are manufacturer of electrical appliances or other articles and you need a certificate about their bau-biologic harmlessness? We measure and check your products and consult you if applicable about faults and improvements.
In the case of no complaints, we make up a certificate.

7. Bau-biologic cattle shed analysis 
Particularly on breeding farms for premium cattle there can be problem areas due to the location and technique, which are related to electrosmog, earth radiations and other stressing factors.
Restlessness, apathy, premature and abortive births, malformations and other diseases, up to cattle loss can often occur then.
We analyse the conspicuous stable areas and give information about the reasons and about low-priced remediation possibilities.

8. Transfer of knowledge
Baubiologie- Zentrum Steinfurt also performs workshops, seminars and lectures about a range of subjects:
+ The 25 principles of bau-biology
+ Influences on our health, due to the location
+ Electrosmog
+ Am I electro-sensitive?
+ Measuring electrosmog
+ Bau-biologic electrical installation
+ Healthy light and illumination
+ What you should know about earth radiations
+ The healthy sleeping room
+ Building moisture and mildew
+ Dwelling poisons
+ Pulsors® and their applications
+ Vastu Shastra
+ Harmonical bio-architecture

Baubiologie- Zentrum Steinfurt is also editor of documentation about several of the above mentioned subjects.

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