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Dipl.- Ing. Wolfgang Priggen has written several E-books about bau-biology and related subjects.
The author, electrical engineer, building biologist, Vastu consultant, dowser and health consultant reveals information from his knowledge and longstanding professional experience.
The E-books are also available as colour print versions (self-published) in A4 format.. 
E-books by Wolfgang Priggen
E-book 1:   Am I Electro-Sensitive? -
A decision guidance for affected people
The E-book No.1 deals with making aware that there are manifold influencing factors on our health and well-being, which mostly are neglected by scientific medicine.The book offers a definition of electro-sensitivity, much information and aids for concerned people in order to recognize themselves if they are electro-sensitive.
33 pages, A4 format, language: English
E-book 2:   How to detect electrosmog in your environment -
Guide for concerned and non- professional people
The E-book No. 2 gives a hand to technical laymen and concerned people to realize, which type of electrosmog is present in their environment, and what they are reacting on, in order to be able to protect themselves against it.
45 pages, A4 format, language: English
E-book 3:    How to Protect Yourself against Electrosmog -
Information for concerned people and technical laymen
The E-book No. 3 gives an overview for technical laymen and concerned people, which kinds of solutions are possible for different problems with electrosmog (electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic pollution).
However, you can't and will not find any custom-tailored solutions for your special problem.
The author shows possibilities, which can be done by the concerned people themselves, but also points to the limits, from where experienced professionals should be consulted.
75 pages, A4 format, language: English
E-book 4:    What You Should Know about Earth Radiations -
Important information for concerned people, homeowners, builders and architects
The E-book No. 4 gives an overview to concerned and interested people, which different earth radiations there are, which health problems they can cause and which possibilities for problem solutions there are.
A scientifically disputed subject – but they are existing!!
60 pages, A4 format, language: English
E-book 5:     "Healthy" Baubiologic Electrical Installation -
Guidance for Builders, Architects, Planners and Electricians
In this E-book No. 5 the autor gives a survey to builders, concerned people, architects, planners and electricians about on what has to be paid attention to, in order to avoid that an electrical installation of a house doesn’t affect health of the inhabitants.  
He gives leads for electrical planning of residential areas as well as for buildings with sleeping and permanent stay areas, and he informs about low frequency shielding, automatic mains disconnection for sleeping areas, shielded cable installation, advantages and disadvantages of different lighting systems and much more.
71 pages, A4 format, language: English
E-book 7:     The "Healthy" Building Plot -
Criteria for the search of a suitable plot
In the E-book No.7  the autor gives tips and causes for thought to builders, concerned people, architects and planners, what should be cared about already with the search of the building ground, in order that the posterior inhabitants and users of the future building are not exposed to unnecessary health risks, harmful environmental influences and stressing factors.
The auther gives useful hints here from the viewpoint of the bau-biology as well as the Indian architecture science Vastu Shastra.
61pages, A4 format, language: English

Further E-books under preparation.
Please contact us for the prices!