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Vital Force Products

Vital Force
Mode of Action of the Vital Force TechnologyTM
Vital Force Technology™ (VFT) ws developed by Dr. Yury Kronn and is based on the same subtle energy fields that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) applications for millenia. Like acupuncture, the practical applications of VFT have a proven track record, though modern science has formally still not recognized the existence of subtle energy.
VFT consists of a three-part process:
An adjustable, plasma-based generator, capable of generating and designing subtle energy patterns.
A storage system for such subtle energy patterns and an infusion system that can infuse these patterns into almost any substance.
This process generates safe, stable and repeatable formulas of subtle energy patterns that can be targeted to specific biological functions (whether physiological, psychological, mental or spiritual).
This results in various products that contain subtle imprints in different combinations of:

Please note:

For many alternative methods and products, their effectiveness is not yet demonstrable from the point of view of school science. This also applies to the products described here.

CLEANSweep, Energetic Cleaning Solution


The Clean Sweep spray cleans any type of negative energy.
Sensible energy radiation remains in the room or environment.
It originates from diverse sources, including distress, depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult relationships and negative thinking as well as electrical equipment and appliances.

Only few people are aware of the fact that these energetic radiations can affect everything, starting with healing results through to the state of mind. The good news is that the users of this spray report that the energy that is released by Clean Sweep has a direct effect on many factors. It affects the human nervous system and produces a lessening of emotional tension as well as the feeling of well-being and safety. It can calm down aggressive people and help them to relax as well as soothe negative thoughts and tendencies. Altogether, the entire body system relaxes and has more energy to cope with the daily challenges of life, rather than trying to work against the influence of negative energies in the environment.

CLEANSweep is immediately effective and simultaneously prevents the accumulation of harmful energy up to several days. There however, where constantly negative energy flows in, it makes sense to use the spray more often. Some of our users use it 2-3 times a day.

CLEANSweep is all natural and water based. It contains no chemicals or fragrances and is completely safe for the environment. The energy structures imprinted in the water solution are available in spray bottles.

Clinical observations showed that with energy contamination
• a sensory overloading can occur in sensitive people or in children with ADHD and ADH,
• the healing process in hospitals, clinics, etc. is delayed,
• the staff is strongly affected,
• in residential areas stress, tension, anxiety, etc. are intensified and transferred to other family

• depletion of the parasympathetic nervous system by permanent stress (disputes, electromagnetic
   pollution, traumas, disease, toxins in the body, etc.)
• helpful with dementia and Alzheimer's patients. Many of them react immediately after the application
   of CLEANSweep.
• ADHD, ADHD (hyperactivity), depression
• ambiance of diseases, hospital, clinic, intensive care unit (ICU), Hospice
• treatment and consulting rooms of doctors and healers
• Environment where many people come together or emotions are released, Psychiatry
• schools, call centres, offices, etc.


+ Spray hotel rooms or bedrooms with CLEANSweep, just above the bed and above yourself
    in order to remove chaotic energies.
+ Spraying into the air:
    Just two puffs in the corners of the room against the ceiling; across the bed, directly

    above the head or above (not directly on) electrical equipment.
+ Spraying on the body:
    Recommended to spray directly to the thymus, behind the ears, on and behind the knees,

    ankles, along the kidney and liver meridian. CLEANSweep corrects the vortex polarities of
    the body in seconds.

CLEANSweep is available in 500ml spray bottles or even in 100ml vaporisers for travelling, hadn- and brief bag.
Please contact us for prices and info sheet!


Vital Force  EMF Transformer

Many people are using cell phones, digital cordless phones, Wi-Fi and other digitally pulsed high-frequency communication technologies, although they know or aleady feel that these technologies have devastating side effects on our subtle energies (aura, vortex polarities, life energy). Others even rely on the modern means of communication for their works..

Up to now we could do practically nothing against the sickening impacts of high frequency electromagnetic radiation (electro-smog) from millions of mobile phones, cordless phones, radio units, computers, laptops, TVs and control units including car electronics.  

The industry of the electrosmog producers wants to make us believe that this radiation is harmless!
But: Scientific proofs reveals the harmfulness of the EMF radiation for humans, animals and nature!
In order that you don’t need to relinquish the comfort of modern technologies, we now offer a way how you protect yourself and can safeguard your health: The EMF Transformers.

EMF Transformer

These products with the Vital Force technology are based on a new physics, whose base is built on latest insights from the ranges of space technique, energy medicine as well as on quantum physics, which are already used in the USA, Russia, China and others. 

EMF Transformers affect physically by a measurable reduction of the SAR values for ca. 35-40% as well as energetically (non-measurable) by a subtle imprint with a variety of positive energy patterns.

The effectivity of the EMF Transformers among others, was proven by:
-Brain waves studies of Brain-Tek Institute San Diego, CA
-SAR tests (specific absorption rate): RF Exposure Lab, San Diego, CA
-Tests with human cells (Hela cells): Prof. Joie Jones, University Irvine, CA
-Tests of US doctors: Dr. Jeffrey Marrongelle, Dr. Lee Cowden, Dr. Davis and others
Proofs with: HRV, electro-acupuncture, advanced kinesiology

The EMF Transformers create natural conditions within your direct life environment. The negative impact of electromagnetic fields, geopathic stress zones as well as negative energy fields (emanations) of other people caused by emotions, stress, illness etc. are energetically neutralised.
The indoor air is improved by this, more negative ions are generated. The physical and spiritual health is strengthened.

The active principle of the EMF Transformers can be compared with the functionality of a computer virus. Computer viruses frequently pollute the software right up to its destruction. In the same way electromagnetic fields – one could call them „electromagnetic viruses“ - pollute our „bodily software“, the subtle energy fields (aura), which are responsible for the working of the „body hardware“. 
The informative software of the body, which is essential for all body processes from the cellular to the systemic level – to these also belong the brain and the autonomic nerve system – can be damaged significantly by the „electromagnetic viruses“.

The EMF Transformers turn the interfering frequencies of these „electromagnetic viruses“ into a clear, pleasant sound and rhythm for the body.
One could also compare this process with a bad radio reception, where the music is drowned by the noise. By using a noise filter here or an automatic adjustment the reception becomes pure and clear again.
The purified energy field spreads far over the dimension of the EMF transformers so that the effect can be felt within the whole room.

EMF- Transformer on Cell Phone EMF- Transformer on notebook

These EMF Transformers are available in 2 versions:

EMF Transformer Small Black Strip 2625 (7.5cm x 3cm)
for base stations of cordless phones, Smartphones or iPhones, laptop computers, tablet PCs (iPads) and ISDN telephone Systems.

2. EMF Transformer Large Black Strip 23422 (10cm x 3.7cm)
for WLAN routers, household electrical appliances, motor vehicles, satellite receivers, PC monitors, computers,
TV sets and electrical fuseboxes.

Fix the EMF Transformer directly on the backside of the mobile phone, iPad or phone, with the laptop on the lower side of the device or besides the touchpad, with the car on the on-board electronics box (probably there are2 boxes per car).  

The EMF Transformers don’t cause any harmful impacts and they also don’t lose their functionality by environmental influences in the long run. Try it yourself!

Please contact us for prices and info sheet!


Vital Force Pendants

Vital Force pendant "Teardrop"

Vital Force pendants are beautiful Swarovski crystal pendants which are imprinted with selected subtle energies and information. At the moment there are pendants available with the Vital Force imprints "Healing Love" and "Success & Achievement.

Vital Force Technology™ (VFT) is based on the same subtle energy fields which are used in the treatments of the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since thousands of years.  Like acupuncture, the practical applications of the VFT have a proven success story, although modern science formally has still not recognized the existence of subtle energy.

With the unique ability of the VFT to generate an infinite number of subtle energy signatures and combinations (which can be combined, tested and reconstructed, as the applications require it), this Vital Force Technology™  is a category of its own. The use of VFT allows to produce subtle energy formulas in a highly differentiated manner. Where electromagnetic energy has only two parameters, namely frequency and strength, subtle energy has a whole field of qualities available which can be best explained by the five elements theory of the Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Vital Force pendant "Volcano" Vital Force pendant "Tabac" Vital Force pendant "Blue Bermuda"

Vital Force Imprints

Healing Love
"Healing Love" exudes warmth through the meridians, removes energy blockades and brings a kind of lightness and well-being on a physical and mental level.
The opening of the energetic blockades allows a healthy flow of energy and helps to calm down physical pain, excessive emotions and strained nerves.
"Healing Love" supports the emotional balance during times of stress. It can also help to make aware emotional events and then to deal with it in a better way, respectively to find solutions. "Healing Love" is able to actively support life changes on an energetic level and to support the sense of optimism, physical ease and well-being.

Success & Achievement
In order to be successful and to achieve high goals, supporting the internal energetic structures is necessary. With the help of master healers, this unique powerful imprint could be developed to define clear goals and improve skills. A clearly focused intention is a powerful tool to achieve life goals. The Strong Ones crystal energies respond to the intent and support the energy system in a way that is aligned to the achievement of conscious goals. To achieve goals, a high degree of harmony of the subtle body and integrity of the conscious mind is needed.
"Success & Achievement" assists in the inner orientation, which is very important for identifying and focusing one's own intentions and to walk in harmony with the universe.

The powerful crystal energies respond to the intent and support the energy system in a way which is aligned to the achievement of the conscious goals. To achieve goals, a high degree of harmony of the subtle body and integrity of the conscious mind is needed.
"Success & Achievement" assists in the inner orientation, which is very important for identifying and focusing one's own intentions and to emerge in harmony with the universe.

Please contact us for prices and info sheet!