Sunday, 18 November 2018

Health Consultancy

Health Consultancy

Das Betrachten von geprüften Energiebildern stärkt Ihre Lebensenergie!

In our modern society a lot of traditional sciences and practical knowledge about a healthy way of life, medicinal herbs and household remedies have already gone lost.

As well our way of life with polluted air, unnatural and unhealthy nutrition, fast-food, alcohol, smoking and little moving in nature promotes asthma, adiposity, allergies, cardiovascular diseases, skin diseases, neurodermatitis to the point of cancer.

Here we offer lectures as well as health and nutrition consultancy as services. We interrogate the body of our customer energetically, which way of life, nutrition, nutrition supplements and otheres are necessary for him, in order to reach a certain aim, i.e. to lose weight.

This is no diet! You'll eat what your body needs.

Mostly, the result are some tastily recipes, which one should dress oneself and which one can look forward to. According to our experience with this way of eating, combined with sufficient drinking one will not have hungry feeling or withdrawal syndromes, which can undo all efforts by satisfying a ravenous appetite.

In order to get your body, mind and spirit balanced every health and nutrition consultancy begins with a Vortex Energy Balance.Please see also the menu item "Pulsors".