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Pulsor®- Applications

Pulsors® - Miracle of


For many years of our bau- biologic practice, we have experienced that removing, shielding or other reducing of all imaginable environmental factors, impacting on organism of beings has not always the expected result. This is mainly in such cases where the concerned persons were exposed to such stress factors for years.
Now we can offer a possibility to concerned people to get their bodies and way of life under control again, namely by means of Pulsor® applications. Ask us for further information!

Ein Set Torroid- Pulsoren

What are those Pulsors? How do they work?
Crystals of most different forms are used since many years for frequency stabilisation, filtering and rectifying in electronic communication systems. As well our body's energy centres are transmitters and receivers of energy waves.

Pulsors are no quartz crystals you could believe, hearing the word "crystal", but they are made from a mixture of various specifically manufactured and microscopically small crystal structures.

Pulsors are a composition of millions of processed crystal structures, which are piled up in wafer- thin layers one above the other and are oriented in specific patterns. Size and orientation define wave length and frequency. In order to get in resonance with the different frequency bands of the human subtle energy system, one needs a series of very different PULSORS (please see below: "PULSOR- Types").

Pulsors have got a gigantic complex inner structure which is arranged in that way, that they become scalar crystals. Thus, pulsors react sensitively on electromagnetic and scalar fields of the body and of the environment.

Pulsors form an energy cell with a variety of virtual electronic oscillationg circuits, wich act as energy traps and wave filters of different frequencies of the vortex (whirl) energy system.

Pulsors react also sensitively on a broad frequency range of the electrical and magnetic fields in our environment.

Pulsors are "passive biotransmitters". Passive, because they don't need any power supply for their mode of operation.

Pulsors use the own energy fields of the body, which they receive, purge, amplify and transmit back to the body as a pulse.  That's why they are called "Pulsors".

Pulsors represent the use of microcrystals in a simple and impressing way. A simple, scientific methodology, elaborated by Dr. George Yao, the inventor of the Pulsors, permits to carry out basic exercises already after some hours of instruction.

Dr. George T. F. Yao, Erfinder der Pulsoren und deren Anwendungen

Skalar waves are a mainly unregarded "wave form" by natural sciences up to now, which are attributed a big importance for energy and information transmission with creatures. Pulsors® get in resonance with the different energy fields and frequencies of the human body, get the subtle polarities in balance again and protect the bodily blood chemistry.


Which benefits will Pulsors give to you?

  • The natural energy fields are restaured  and maintained again.
  • You refuel energy for your physical and mental well-being.
  • Pulsors loose energy blockades and release vitalising power.
  • You will understand the correlation "symptoms - illness - health" and program your life to health.
  • You'll be able to regenerate within shortest time.
  • Pulsors generate a positive harmonic energy flow in house, office and environment as well as with electrical and electronic devices.


Our body has all means, possibilities and energies at its disposal in order to live this life healthy and strongly. We are formed by our creator with 100% organ functioning (life energy = chi = reiki = prana).
We can loose up to 70% of our life energy without noticing it. The reasons are mostly our life circumstances, which are getting permanently in conflict with our body energies.

Symptomatic indications are:

  • Loss of vitality
  • Physical troubles, handicaps
  • Feeling of being burnt out, anxiety
  • Serious illness symptoms
  • Chronic suffering
  • Degenerative processes

Loss of joy of life, aimlessness, unhappiness and depressions are attendant circumstances.
On the physical level, this at first leads to symptoms, such as sleeplessness, headaches, heavy legs, tiredness, backaches, skin problems etc.


We go to the doctor, natural healer or therapist first, when our organs work only with 30%. We feel sick, then.  You can regain the lost  function and energy.

We show you how to do!

Vortex- Energiezentren bei Mann und Frau

Pulsor vortex energy balance applications and seminars open new perspectives:
You'll learn to

  • recognize which life circumstances are constitutive or destructive for you, learn to  intervene into this "vicious circle" and pick up the pieces of yourself, again.
  • organise the energetic relations in the subtle body, which leads to well-being, new power, harmonic contacts with the environment, inner rest and more...
  • improve your life quality, also with chronic and "incurable" diseases.
  • harmonixe your living and working environment.
  • protect your body (i.e. against electromagnetic radiation), but also against interfering energy fields of other people.


Eine der Pulsor- Anwendungen: Platzieren von Pulsoren auf dem Körper

Who should participate at the seminars?
The application of Pulsors® can be learnt by everybody. There is no previous knowledge necessary.

Application ranges:

Pulsors can be used:

  • for the body protection against electromagnetic fields and other disharmonic influences.
  • for detecting of bodily blockades and their breakup.
  • for harmonising of the environment, such as the car, sleeping areas, rooms, houses, electrical appliances, computer equipment, mobile phones...
  • for checking nutrition and items of daily use, if they are beneficial for health or not.
  • for energising of remedies, nutrition and water.
  • as "tools" for information transfer
  • for the practice as Pulsor practitioner (Vortex energy balance)
  • for specific manually operated methods in self- treatment.

The side effect of a Pulsor® treatment always is a neuromuscular relaxation!

Pulsors® mitigate the negative effectso of "disharmonic" vibrations, effect relaxing and are a valuable aid for the "inner development". Our sister company PSE is busy with the sales of Pulsors. Further Information to the specific Pulsor types you get here:

We would like to point out explicitly that no "healing" of symptoms can be achieved with the Pulsors. By means of the balance of vortex polarities and the transfer of life energy often the possibility is created that (alternative natural) healing methods can be effective, again. The body determines itself what is developing from this! Pulsor treatments are no substitution for seeing the doctor or the natural healer!




Different Pulsor® Types

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