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Health Consultancy

Das Betrachten von geprüften Energiebildern stärkt Ihre Lebensenergie!

In our modern society a lot of traditional knowledge about healthy living, medicinal herbs and home remedieshas already been lost.

Today's lifestyle with polluted air unnatural and unhealthy foods, fast food, alcohol, smoking and only little outdoor exercise promotes asthma, besity, allergies, heart/circulatory diseases, skin diseases, eczema and much more.

Symptoms are often suppressed with drugs in our fas-paced world without fighting the causes.

We offer lectures as well as a personal health consultation as a service and show alternatives. .

In order to keep your body, mind ans soul in balance, every health consultation is preceded by a vortex energy balance. See also under „Pulsors“.

Of course, our consultancy cannot replace the visit to a doctor in case of acute health complaints.